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Enjoy the spring without symptoms

Taking a deep breath? A problem for many people, and not just in spring. Whether you suffer from pollen allergy, sinusitis or constant colds - our Plasma Liquid® products provide relief.

The majority of people suffer from upper respiratory diseases more than once in their lives. Whether sinusitis, an annoying persistent cold, pollen or dust allergy - these widespread infections and inflammations can not only become chronic, but can also severely impair the quality of life. Around eight million people in Germany suffer from sinusitis, struggle with breathing problems and pain and in many cases have to undergo one or more operations if antibiotics and cortisone no longer help. And the approximately 12 million pollen allergy sufferers cannot enjoy spring without watery eyes and a sniffly nose. Chemical nasal sprays promise relief, but they cannot be used indefinitely and can even become addictive.

Physical nasal sprays ca be used permanently 

A promising solution: our Plasma Liquid® products, which physically help against viruses, bacteria and fungi. The big advantage: they are free of side effects and can be taken by anyone - including pregnant women and children. "Plasma Liquid products with the active ingredient sodium hypochlorite are classified as antiseptics, which means they are substances that are highly effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi," explains Horst Luckhaupt, MD, a member of the German Medical Association's drug commission. He has been swearing by our products for years and uses them to treat his patients.

Other benefits of Plasma Liquid 

Plasma Liquid products are free of side effects, moreover, do not contain alcohol, chemicals, cortisone and antibiotics. The effect is purely physical and is achieved through an electrolytic charge and the enrichment of 0.06% sodium hypochlorite. The resulting osmotic pressure destroys the structures and cells of bacteria, viruses and fungi. The products are well tolerated, even pregnant women, children, diabetics, etc. can use them without any problems.

Finally an end to antibiotics after decades 

For Sigrid Pforr (54) from Dortmund, Plasma Liquid was the solution after decades of suffering. She had been struggling with throat infections and many other infections and diseases for almost her entire life. After countless doctor visits, surgeries and very frequent antibiotic use, Plasma Liquid's nasal spray gel and mouth rinse were recommended to her. Since then, the 54-year-old has been feeling much better: "It is a fact that the use of the two Plasma Liquid products has helped me to significantly reduce the germ load in the ENT area, so that for nine months there have been no more infections in this area that would have had to be treated with antibiotics. The products have no side effects on my mucous membranes and in fact do not seem to lead to the development of resistance."    

The complete medical history of Sigfried Pforr can be found here.

What is sinusitis? 

More than 8 million people in this country suffer from sinusitis at least once in their lives. This is understood to mean a - not infrequently painful - sinusitis. Symptoms include a stuffy nose, headache and a feeling of pressure in the face. Sinusitis is triggered either by viruses or bacteria, but an allergy can also be a cause, and it often becomes chronic. Many people resort to painkillers and chemical nasal sprays for treatment, but these can only be used for a short time. A promising alternative are Plasma Liquid products, which work physically, have no side effects and are not addictive. Home remedies such as a steam bath or red light irradiation can also have a soothing effect. 

Detailed information about sinusitis and how to treat it can be found here.

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