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Dr med Michael Schreiner

Joint practice of ear, nose, and throat specialists
Dr med. Michael Schreiner
Dr med Stefan Nitsch
Homeopathy | Allergology | Naturopathy

"I use [the Plasma Liquid® nasal spray gel] for rhinitis sicca with secretions which are partly scabby and partly viscous and slimy. This disease is often preceded by – usually many years of – excessive use of decongestant nasal drops or sprays. As a result, the nasal mucosa dries out completely with a loss of the natural biofilm (see also: https://www.hno-graefelfing.de/krankheiten/dysbiose-der-nasenschleimhaut.html). In persistent cases, I often use Hysan spray, which is very helpful in supporting the formation of the gel phase of nasal mucus. However, time and again, this therapy fails with patients. With them, I use Plasma Liquid, very often successfully. I can imagine that the increased clearance and simultaneous prolonged moistening of the nasal mucosa by the preparation results in a significant reduction of "pathogenic" germs, thus promoting the re-colonisation of the nasal mucosa with symbiotes."

Dr med Brigitte Dörr

Private practice Dr med Brigitte Dörr
Practice for Internal and Rheumatological Diagnostics and Therapy

"A very efficient form of therapy, [the Plasma Liquid® Nasal Spray Gel] not only helps patients at the onset of sinusitis, but it also effectively supports patients with chronic, purulent sinusitis. It also helps with multi-resistant germs. This is the therapy of the future! Thank you very much, on behalf of myself and my patients."

Dr med Sebastian H. Storb

Private practice Dr med Sebastian Storb
Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist

"I know of no better nasal spray [than the Plasma Liquid® Nasal Spray Gel], which is simply fantastic in fighting bacterial infections, even acute ones."

Dr med Jens Meyer

Practice for Chinese Medicine and Integrative Naturopathy

"In my practice for Chinese Medicine and Integrative Naturopathy, I have had very good experiences with the Plasma Liquid products. This comes as no surprise, however, since I have been successfully using the Plasma ONE device for several years as well. This is just the beginning of my journey with plasma applications. Together with the Plasma ONE device or other therapies, Plasma Liquid products can also be used to treat inflammatory or superinfected dermatoses, viral warts, condylomas, and fungal infections of the skin and nails. I also consider other forms of administration viable, such as injections for inflammatory joint alterations, pills to control intestinal symbiosis, creams and ointments for dermatoses, as well as eye drops."

Prof. Cristiano Rumio

Owner of Metis Healthcare Srl
Developer of the Plasma Liquid® Para Probiotics,
Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacology and Biomolecular Sciences at the University of Milan

Is it correct that the use of dead probiotic strains, also known as para-probiotics, opens up completely new applications and treatment possibilities for a wide range of health problems?

Prof. Rumio: The medical use of para-probiotics is still at the infant stage in Western countries. Scientists are working hard on further research to explore additional medical possibilities for patient treatment in the near future. In the coming years, further highly exciting fields of application will certainly become viable.

A lot of your work revolves around the combination of hyaluronic acid and the MiMLh5 para-probiotic strain. Can you please briefly explain the most important advantages of these two components?

Prof. Rumio: Numerous studies have shown that these components can significantly reduce the capacity of Streptococcus bacteria to attach to the human mucosa.

What makes your specific approach so unique?

Prof. Rumio: We use a food-approved bacterium which we extract from Grana Padano cheese. In addition to its proven effectiveness, this bacterium is also absolutely safe.

Have we understood correctly that, in contrast to most other technologies, bacteria are not killed directly, but that the environmental conditions which these bacteria require to survive are taken away?

Prof. Rumio: This unique combination results in a surface forming on the oral mucosa, which hinders the attachment of pathogenic germs. These pathogenic germs can no longer colonise and multiply on the largest surface in the mouth, the oral mucosa.

How quickly does the effect set in?

Prof. Rumio: The para-probiotics quantity in a single [para-probiotics] lozenge has been selected to fight possible pathogenic bacteria over the course of one day.

Dr Bernd Burghartswieser

Joint Practice for Holistic Dentistry, Integrative Dentistry, and Biological Oral Surgery
Dr Bernadette Burghartswieser
Dr Bernd Burghartswieser

"At our specialised practice for holistic dentistry and environmental dentistry, we have been using plasma medical procedures to optimise almost all surgical intervention treatments for about 8 years. We now use the Regeno preparations at our practice for almost all oral indications – such as oral inflammation of the mucous membranes (gingivitis, aphthae, prosthesis pressure sores, and oral candida infections) –, periodontitis (to accompany treatment or for use in professional teeth cleaning), germ reduction and wound cleaning after surgical interventions to prevent complications in wound healing (implantology, surgical tooth removal, wisdom tooth removal, as well as soft tissue surgical measures), wound healing complications after surgery (tooth removal, surgical tooth removal, tooth removal with opening of the maxillary sinus, as well as wisdom tooth removal), endodontic treatments (reduction of germs after root canal treatment), for use after radiotherapy/chemotherapy for preventative intraoral infection treatment and mucosal protection). We consider the clinical effect to far outperform chlorhexidine, which is the gold standard! We are thrilled about the effectiveness of the preparations and can most warmly recommend the use of Regeno preparations in daily practice, for the benefit of your patients."

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