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Plasma Liquid® Mouthwash Solution

For cleaning the oral cavity, throat, and gums.

Available, delivery time: 3 to 5 days

Ideal for treating bad breath ✔️ Suitable for long-term use ✔️ Free of chlorhexidine, polyhexanide, and alcohol ✔️


Content: 0.25 liter (€91.60* / 1 liter)
Container size: 250 ml

PZN: 15559888

Product information

The Plasma Liquid® Mouthwash Solution is used to clean and decontaminate the oral cavity, throat, and gums, as well as to support the removal of deposits on the tongue and teeth. The Plasma Liquid® Mouthwash Solution boasts great mucous membrane tolerability, which is why it can also be used with sensitive or damaged oral mucosa.

Product advantages
  • min. shelf life of 2 years when unopened
  • shelf life of 12 weeks after opening
  • perfect support in the treatment of germ-related respiratory diseases
  • also ideal for treating bad breath
  • no formation of resistances
  • free of chlorhexidine, polyhexanide, and alcohol
  • also ideal for children, allergy sufferers, and diabetics
  • suitable for long-term use
  • no human or animal toxicity

How does the mouthwash work? 

The product works physically by regulating the metabolism, which reduces existing plaque, which in turn prevents infections or has an accompanying effect on those infections. A special surface tension allows the solution to act both on the surface and deep within the tissue, subsequently splitting into the primary products of water and salt. The unique action achieves a corresponding harmonization of the microbiome in the mouth and throat. The low dosage of sodium hypochlorite added to the mouth rinse solution acts primarily as a preservative and is intended to prevent bacterial colonization of the solution and any contamination occurring after use during the application period. The product is thus entirely free of substances foreign to the body and contains neither medicines, alcohol, nor aggressive chemicals.

Why does the product smell and taste of chlorine?

The smell and taste come from the special manufacturing process of electrochemical activation, during which the product is preserved with <0.08% sodium hypochlorite. By their nature, such hypochlorites are to be regarded as chlorine releasers. As part of the body’s immune defense, corresponding hypochlorites are also produced by granulocytes (white blood cells), which fight pathogens as part of the cellular immune system. This makes it a near-natural process with no harmful effects. Users in general quickly get used to the smell and taste, which does at the start take some getting used to.


The Plasma Liquid® Mouthwash Solution is ready to use, rinse and/or gargle 2 to 3 times a day for 30 seconds, using approx. 10 ml of solution. Spit out and do not rinse after use. No harm is posed by accidental swallowing. A slight chlorine smell or taste can result from use.


Water, sodium hypochlorite <0.08% (electrochemically activated mineral salt solution)

4.93 / 5

Average rating

5 /5 points

Für mich gehört es nun zur täglichen Mundhygiene

Ich benutze das Liquid jetzt seit 1 Monat und natürlich braucht man Geduld und muss es regelmäßig benutzen. Ich bin sehr zufrieden, es vollbringt sicher keine Wunder, aber es hilft mir bei meiner Parodontitis. An den Geschmack habe ich mich gewöhnt und habe es auch bereits empfohlen. Für mich gehört es nun zur täglichen Mundhygiene dazu. Vielen Dank.

From: Elfi Bluhm (via Facebook)

Posted: 6 October 2023

5 /5 points


Die Mundspülung ist super. Hatte eine Zahnfleischentzündung. Keine Salbe, keine Spülung half. 2 Tage Plasma Liquid und es war nicht mehr entzündet. Nach der 1. Anwendung war schon das wunde Gefühl weg.

From: Mary Neumeier (via Facebook)

Posted: 27 September 2023

5 /5 points

hilft wirklich Wunder

nehme das Produkt seit einem Jahr...vorher 4 x pro Jahr chronische NNH Infektionen , sowie diverse Erkältungen, seit dem ich das Nasensprühgel nehme, sind meine NNH frei , bei einem Anflug von Halskratzen , nehme ich sofort das Nasensprühgel und das Mundwasser mehrfach tgl....seit einem Jahr nie wieder krank gewesen... Mundwasser nehme ich noch jeden Abend prophylaktisch - ich kann es nur jedem empfehlen ! wäre schön, wenn auch die HNO Ärzte von Ihnen informiert werden könnten, die meisten kennen das Produkt nämlich nicht und greifen zu Antibiose oder den tausend anderen nicht helfenden Apothekenprodukten

From: Carola

Posted: 15 June 2023

Our feedback: Liebe Carola, vielen herzlichen Dank für die tolle Bewertung. Wir freuen uns. Bleiben Sie gesund. BG Ihr REGENO Team

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