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2+1 promotion: Plasma Liquid® Dental Gel

Hydrogel for moisturizing the oral cavity.

Available, delivery time: 3 to 5 days

Suitable for daily oral care ✔️ Also for sensitive or impaired oral mucosa ✔️


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Content: 0.09 liter (€553.33* / 1 liter)
Container size: 90 ml
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Product information

Plasma Liquid® Dental Gel is a hydrogel based on a mineral salt solution with very low surface tension. This enables particularly thorough moistening of the oral cavity.

Bad breath is minimized. Plasma Liquid® Dental Gel is suitable for daily oral care, has a proven very good mucosal tolerance and is suitable for use even with sensitive or impaired oral mucosa.

Quote from Dr. dent. Bernhard Burkartswieser: "Plasma Liquid® products - no antibiotics, no cortisone, no chlorhexidine and yet a quantum leap in dental antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral therapy."

Product advantages

Plasma Liquid® Dental Gel is non-irritating and well tolerated. It contains the preservative sodium hypochlorite, which has a very broad spectrum against bacteria, viruses and fungi, enabling the product to be used safely after opening and throughout its entire shelf life. Plasma Liquid® Dental Gel is free of alcohol, chlorhexidine and polyhexanide and has a slightly salty taste. Tooth discoloration or taste irritations are not to be expected.


Moisten the corresponding areas of the oral mucosa with a thin layer of Plasma Liquid® Dental Gel. A slight chlorine odor or taste may develop during use. 

First-class effectiveness for all infections and inflammations of the mouth and throat, for example for the treatment of periodontitis.


Aqua, <0.06% sodium hypochlorite/HOCl, lithium magnesium sodium silicate

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