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The Plasma Liquid® Dental Gel

Our innovative Plasma Liquid® dental gel will be available shortly. In the magazine “The Dental Practice” Dr. Bernd Burghartswieser, who was able to test the new product in advance, talked about his application experiences.

Mechanism of action

The new dental gel, like the other plasma liquid products, contains sodium hypochlorite in addition to water as the carrier. The dental gel has a concentration of 0.06 percent, while the other products have a concentration of 0.08 percent. All ENT and wound products also contain lithium-magnesium-sodium silicate. The salt solution is electrolytically charged in a patented process, resulting in a redox potential of approximately 850 mV. The products then work physiologically and exert an osmotic pressure on germs, which destroys the cell membrane and structures of the germs. Subsequently, the substances dissolve in water and salt and are absorbed by the body, without causing any deposits or resistance formation. Since body cells can withstand voltages of over 1300 mV, they are not damaged. Therefore, due to their composition, all products are also suitable for children, pregnant women, and diabetics. All products are classified as Class IIa medical devices and have their own odor and taste due to the presence of sodium hypochlorite."


"We have been using the new dental gel for about two years for professional dental cleanings and in the field of periodontological measures. It can be used in the treatment of any kind of intraoral inflammatory processes such as dolor post, dentitio difficilis, inflammatory oral mucosal changes, as a medicinal insert in the course of endodontic treatment, etc. Dental gel can also be used for maxillary sinus problems (sinusitis, therapy of MAV connections after surgical interventions). Considering the currently available oral anti-inflammatory preparations and their spectrum of application, there are no specific limits of application in this field. In dental therapy, REGENO Plasma Liquid preparations have completely replaced almost all comparable treatment alternatives in my practice. The preparations are very well tolerated and have a high decontaminating efficacy combined with an avoidance of resistance formation. For me as a practitioner, study results around a product are of course interesting. An in vitro study has shown that Plasma Liquid Nasal Spray Gel reduces 99.9 percent of coronaviruses on the nasal mucosa. Therefore, in my opinion, the nasal spray gel and mouth rinse are also invaluable for CORONA prevention. There is already extensive literature on the mode of action of ozone or sodium hypochlorite (endodontics). In dentistry, clinical studies on dental gel would be extremely desirable."

Application experiences

"I particularly appreciate the consistency of the new dental gel. This corresponds to the preparations previously used in dental practice, i.e. they can be applied in the same way. This is also of decisive importance for dental care at home.

The dental gel is applied or inserted in the standard way, i.e. with a cotton stick, rinsing cannula or lentulo, depending on the area of application.

It is also simple that the Plasma Liquid products can be used in the same way as their alternative products, i.e., as a rule, no special billing strategy is required. The only thing to note is that the preparations should not be swallowed, just like the other antiseptic therapeutics used intraorally.

Of course, we also had concerns about the chlorine taste or smell. In practical use, however, this poses virtually no problem! As a forewarning, we point out the possible noticeable swimming pool odor/taste to the patients in the practice. The compliance of the patients to this product is also very good! So far, we have not experienced any undesirable side effects in connection with the REGENO Plasma Liquid products in our practice. Even in problem cases of periodontology, patients have been able to achieve exceptional effects through regular home use of the mouth rinses. Overall, I have excellent application experience. Compared to alternative preparations such as chlorhexidine, I would rate the effectiveness of the dental gel as one (equal to very good) on a scale of one to five."


"Would I recommend the dental gel to colleagues? Based on our current state of knowledge, unreservedly yes. The excellent decontaminating effect (fungicidal, bactericidal and virucidal) combined with the tissue-cleansing effect of the sodium hypochlorite in low concentration have convinced us.

We ourselves already stock the other REGENO Plasma Liquid preparations in such a way that we sell them in the practice via our prophylaxis store. However, since the preparations can also be prescribed (private prescription), our patients also have access to the Plasma Liquid products via pharmacies."  

Source: The Dental Practice 9/10-2022

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