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Bakuchiol - the vegan miracle cure for skin

Bakuchiol is a plant substance contained in the leaves and seeds of Psoralea corylifolia, which has a soothing effect on the skin. With us you will learn everything you need to know about the new wonder drug of the cosmetics industry.

How Bakuchiol works

Bakuchiol increases the natural production of collagen in the body, reduces wrinkles and lines and smoothes the skin. In addition, the miracle product supports cell renewal in the epidermis, which stimulates cell turnover, fights dark spots and thickens the skin. According to studies, bakuchiol can even alleviate the first signs of skin aging, which is why it is primarily contained in anti-aging products - including our Plasma Liquid® MED Anti-Aging Serum 6&6. Thanks to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effect, bakuchiol also protects the skin from environmental pollution and environmentally induced skin damage.

More advantages of Bakuchiol

Whether dry, oily, sensitive or combination skin - Bakuchiol is suitable for almost all skin types and is also safe for pregnant and nursing women. Compared to retinol, the miracle product is also more tolerable: due to the natural ingredients, skin irritations occur less frequently, which is why it can also be used for acne.  

Another miracle product of the cosmetics industry is hyaluron. This occurs naturally in the connective tissue, where it binds fluid and makes the skin beautifully plump. It is important to pay attention to the nature of the hyaluron:  

High-molecular hyaluronic acid only lays on the surface of the skin, but cannot penetrate it. It therefore provides an immediate effect - without a long-term effect. Low-molecular hyaluronic acid - recognizable by the term Sodium Hyaluronate - on the other hand can be absorbed into the skin, which means that moisture is stored for a long time. The skin appears firmer and remains elastic, wrinkles are visibly reduced.

Anti-aging products - now also in our assortment

By the way: The body already loses hyaluron from the mid-20s. Anti-aging products such as our Plasma Liquid® MED Anti-aging Serum 6&6 should therefore be used as early as possible. As an additional care product with a moisture depot, the product combines three different hyaluronic acids: These ensure increased moisture retention in the skin and thus enable skin elasticity and tone to be improved. 

And Plasma Liquid® MED Anti-Aging Cream 6&6 also promotes skin regeneration by strengthening the skin barrier, protecting against external influences, relieving itching and soothing the skin. In a set, our anti-aging products thus form a deeply effective mix for your skin - and completely free of side effects and dermatologically tested. 

More tips for tight skin

Regardless of skin type, a sunscreen with sun protection factor 30 or higher should be applied in addition to skin care to prevent premature aging of the skin. It is also advisable to drink enough (two to three liters a day) and to avoid alcohol and nicotine as far as possible. With a balanced diet, you also ensure a natural anti-aging effect: If your body is supplied with all important vitamins and nutrients, this slows down the aging process.

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